Young TALF

Young TALF

Theme for the Year: The History of Science and Technology in Asia

To engage students of the NIIT University, TALF has introduced the element of History of Science and Technology and contributions to it by Asia and Asians. The initiative has begun with each faculty member at NU preparing a one-hour module relating their respective subjects to TALF. Also part of this are credit courses by TALF Senior Advisor Prof Jean-Pierre Lehmann

Young TALF Summit 2015 | 31st January 2015 | NIIT University

Agenda: To induct the first group of college students into the TALF structure through a summit on the relevance of history as a subject

Format: On the basis of a formal application, 30 students from across the country were selected to come down to the NU campus in Neemrana for a two day summit.

Asia and the New Global Disorder | A TALF @ NU Offering | March 2015

A course on globalisation and Asia’s place in it by TALF Senior Advisor Prof Jean-Pierre Lehmann for the MBA and BTech Students of NIIT University, Neemrana

Young TALF Events 2015

Young TALF Varanasi Heritage Tour:A heritage tour of the city of Varanasi to understand the rich legacy, stories and culture of this space.

Young TALF Induction Event: Day long workshop by Mr Pawar and Mr Harpal Singh to infuse the new batch of students at NU with the TALF spirit and induct them into TALF

Young TALF Conference on the History of Science and Technology in India:</strong> Day-long conference in the NU campus with Prof Dinesh Singh, VC DU as the keynote speaker.

Young TALF Seminar: A credit course and seminar for NU students by Prof Jean-Pierre Lehmann


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