Varanasi Study trip  (45)


“Varanasi”… Sounds like a spiritual, peaceful place bustling with tourists. Thousands of people come here in hope of finding themselves. But it is anything but peaceful, chaos everywhere. The beauty of this place is to take back that tiny bit of peace, but you will have to search for it and it doesn’t come easily.

If you want see the Banaras that inspired and gave birth to artists whose contribution has been immense then look past the crowded and dirty roads. See them as people, people who made Varanasi what it is today. Ask them about their belief in Kasi and take back a piece of Banaras you saw through eyes of a believer. And remember you have the pleasure of walking through the very galiyan and ghats that many great people treated as their home or their muse.


This place teaches people to be humble. One analogy, we have come across was the pan wala. No matter how big of a man you are, that is where your true importance shows. Kasi respects knowledge. Wisdom is revered. Humility is common. Education is worshiped. Wealth is measured in entities more than money.

Kasi is not everyone’s cup of tea or maybe you have got the wrong tea. Someone finds it in the puff of a smoke and the other finds it with a dip in holy waters of Ganga (don’t even attempt it now). It has something for all of us ghats, food, god, life and death. Explore the lanes, eat from Kashi chat bhandar on Viswanath gali, sit on Assi chat, bow your head with reverence at the Arti, visit the temples, hear their stories, walk through BHU, have chai and rabdi milk in a kulhar, walk through the fort that hides every car fanatic’s dream. Trying and exploring is the very essence of Varanasi.


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