Varanasi Heritage Trip

Varanasi Heritage Trip

Varanasi Study trip  (29)

Varanasi Heritage Trip

I personally started the trip as a fun trip but as it turned out be a very Inspirational and very ILLUMINATING trip. As Varanasi is a distinct Hindu pilgrim spot,and people from all over the world come here to see what is exactly in this place that makes it so unique.These are the following points that I personally felt about Varanasi:

  1. Cultural Hub: As it feels from outside view that Varanasi is just a Hindu place but after spending some time we realized that it is the best example of different religions not just surviving together but also helping each other in any way they could. As we saw Vishawnath Temple we came to know that the temple is just adjacent to a Masjid.

  2. True Moral: True moral and ethical values can really be experienced there. The people in the city are so helpful and generous that we never felt that we were away from home. I remember a incident that I was standing by a shop and another shop owner came and when opened the shop the first thing that he did was offer a packet of biscuit to the panwala next to him.

  3. Peace: No doubt the city is compact and congested but even in this much crowded city you can find absolute silence and peace. As it happened to us in the boat ride travelling along Ganga and listening to Indian classical music. At some moment you can find true peace and can connect with yourself. Even if you sit along the Ghats you would reconnect with yourself.

  4. Something Unique: Actually there is a bit of uniqueness in the place that makes the people from the far corners of the world to come at this very place and enjoy this heritage as I personally saw a European lady singing Indian Classical songs. The only expression that I can give is something Powerful, Creative and Joyful experience I had there.

  5. Ganga: Once a holy river of India now turned into a polluted river. We met various personalities concerning on this topic and realized the current situation of Ganga. The actual beauty of the river is dying.

You cannot feel the true Varanasi in just two or three days as I have realized as so much the city has inside. The city itself is a great example of humanity and selflessness. Visiting to the city was a great experience for me as I have gained so much from this heritage trip.

– Tushar Sharma (Student at NIIT UNIVERSITY)


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