Junior TALF

Junior TALF

Theme for the Year: Introduction to and Relevance of Heritage Education

Seeding the idea of an Asian, cultural identity through a knowledge of history is what TALF aims to do with its engagement with school students of grades X, XI and XII. For the first few years, the theme around which TALF would engage school students would largely be Introduction to Heritage Education and Relevance of History in the Modern Context.

Introducing Junior TALF Public Lecture | 8th December 2014 | Gwalior

    1) Agenda: To test out the traction of the idea of TALF amongst the student community
    2) Format: A keynote speech on the importance of studying history and the relevance of an initiative like TALF at the Scindia International MUN at the Scindia School

First Junior TALF Heritage Camp | 24th October 2015 | Neemrana

   1)  Agenda: Engaging school students, to make them see the importance of history and heritage through experiential curriculum
   2) Format: Heritage leadership camps for a group of school students in collaboration with a heritage education organisation


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