Visiting Jaipur Literature Festival 2017

Visiting Jaipur Literature Festival 2017

21-Jan-2017  To 21-Jan-2017
Jaipur, Jaipur Rajasthan  
Jaipur, Rajasthan

  About This Workshop 

Visiting the Jaipur Literature Festival could be a life-changing opportunity for many. The festival has seen unprecedented surge in its popularity and has grown into the world's largest free event of its kind. It has hosted 1300 speakers and welcoming nearly 1.2 million book lovers, its success of has been astonishing and heartwarming.   Equity and democracy run through the Festival's veins, placing some of the world's greatest minds, humanitarians, historians, politicians, business leaders, sports people and entertainers from all walks of life together on stage. The access to these renowned thinkers and writers would surely be a powerful mind wrenching moment for the talfers. It would be an immense opportunity for all to meet writers and thinkers, across India and the world to learn from and exchange ideas with contemporary literary stalwarts.


Address : Jaipur, Jaipur,    Rajasthan         India

City : Jaipur

State : Rajasthan

Country :

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