Heritage walk in Delhi

Heritage walk in Delhi

16-Jan-2016  To 16-Jan-2016
Mehrauli Archaeological Park, delhi delhi   india
delhi, delhi

  About This Workshop 

The heritage walk in Delhi was conducted by the renowned historian Dr. Sohail Hashmi.

He along with a team of 30 students and two teachers started the walk from the 16th Century Mausoleum of Adham Khan (foster Brother of Akbar) followed by the 13th Century step well  Gandhak ki Baoli, built in the reign of Shamsud Din Altamash (Reign 1211-36), which was famous for curing skin diseases and other skin ailments due to the presence of sulphur in its water.

After visiting Gandhak ki Baoli, Dr Hashmi took us through the narrow and lesser known by lanes of Mehrauli area, that led to a recently restored unknown mausoleum which belonged to the Lodi period. The next stop was a magnificent multi storeyed Baoli that was also built during the Lodi period, famously referred as the Rajon ki Baoli. The walk towards Jamali Kamali Mosque and Mausoleum Complex is splendid and transports us back to the bygone era, the story of Theophilus Metcalf and the bridge that he had built which leads to the Mausoleum of Quli Khan( brother of Adham Khan) These historical sites are mesmerizing as well great architectural marvels.


Address : Mehrauli Archaeological Park, delhi,    delhi         India

City : delhi

State : delhi

Country : india

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