Heritage Walk at Alwar

Heritage Walk at Alwar

15-Nov-2016  To 15-Nov-2016
Alwar Museum, Alwar 301001   India

  About This Workshop 

The Asian Lenses Forum on 15th Nov 2016 conducted a heritage walk for the students at Alwar on similar way as it was done last year in Delhi. Alwar being a very old city with a wonderful heritage is lesser known that places like Jaipur. Thirty students and one faculty member went for the heritage walk. The students visited the Shyama Rock paintings. It took a half an hour ride on trolleys through the untouched terrain and a hike on the hills to view the paintings. The students then visited the Dadhikar Fort and also interacted with the owner of the Dadhikar fort (which is now a private property) and learnt about restoration of the old dilapidated fort. Next, the students explored the Alwar Museum where Mr. Niranjan Singh (our guide for the day) provided them with wonderful background of the artefacts and displays. The students walked through the City Palace in Alwar to view the architectural heritage of the city and how different rulers impacted the design of the buildings. The tour ended with a visit to the Bala Qila on the top of the Aravali mountains in Alwar.




Address : Alwar Museum, Alwar,       301001     India

City : Alwar

State :

Country : India


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