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The Sweet Taste Of Thailand….In Kagurazaka? (神楽坂のタイ?)”Roti” rocks+

The Sweet Taste Of Thaila

Posted by Ploychompu Srisaan on Sunday, June 26, 2016 · Leave a Comment There’s nothing like the sweet taste of Thai “Roti” on a street corner in Kagurazaka. Gootara, the

How did Japan’s Whalers Of The Past Feel About Their Job & The Whales They Killed?+

How did Japan’s Wha

Posted by Louis Krauss on Sunday, July 17, 2016 · Leave a Comment Despite the popular opinion that Japan’s dedicated pro-whaling community comes from a background of legendary, barbaric

True tales from  Constantia+

True tales from Constant

Second Robin Author- Rajesh Dutta Publisher- Partridge, Rs299 RAJESH DUTTA tells a poignant story in his book Second Robin, employing a style suited to true and evocative narratives. Excerpt: Yoge

Lost and found in translation+

Lost and found in transla

The Tamil Story Author- Dilip Kumar, Subashree Krishnaswamy Publisher- Westland, Rs799 This book is a window to Tamil Nadu and its literature and contains some delightful stories, although the tran

Remembering Bose’s exemplary leadership+

Remembering Bose’s exem

Gigantic waves crashed against the German U-Boat, as two men stood quietly on the deck, amid the turbulence and the deafening roar. The captain emphatically advised the bespectacled man against leavin

Story of contemporary India+

Story of contemporary Ind

When the lives of our near ones seem easy on the exterior, we most often tend to overlook what lies beneath. Ratna Vira’s second novel, It’s Not About You, makes this point wonderfully by

Time, travelling, tastes+

Time, travelling, tastes

Colleen Taylor Sen makes you think about many things — What is Indian Cuisine? What is so ‘Indian’ about it? Is it an authentic cuisine or an amalgamation of flavours, recipes and in

All facets of a debonair lifestyle+

All facets of a debonair

You don’t need to know Western classical music or the tradition of Philharmonic orchestras to acknowledge the greatness of Zubin Mehta, so long as you are tuned in to his accomplishments. Simila

Hic, hic, hurray!+

Hic, hic, hurray!

  This turns out to be an impressive collection on drinking in India and is the perfect opportunity for confessions and celebrations all shared over the perfect bottle of wine, writes SHRADDHA S

Life and  times of a revolutionary poet+

Life and times of a revo

My problem with biographies of poets is that they sometimes further the project they actually mean to debunk: Mystification of the subject. An autobiography of Faiz Ahmed Faiz is even more daunting gi

Will the magic work this time?+

Will the magic work this

Many speculations later, here it is, glowing in yellow and within our hearts — the special script edition of the eighth Harry Potter book. Readers have loved Harry Potter dearly while JK Rowling

Redefining history and geography+

Redefining history and ge

Everyone has a tainted history. The erstwhile colonial powers — the British, French, Portuguese, Dutch — have it. The Turks, the Mongols, the Mughals — who invaded, pillaged or ruled

Of comics, conventions and cosplay+

Of comics, conventions an

As the fourth annual Delhi Comic Con kicks off, Ananya Borgohain revisits the debate between vandalism and art It is that time of the year when Superman, the Avengers, Chacha Chaudhary, Flash, Batman

The riddle of the Unicorn+

The riddle of the Unicorn

While modern scholars have been arguing over the source and nature of the Indus Valley civilisation, whether it was Vedic or non-Vedic, NS Rajaram says that the Harappans were very much Vedic and thei

Royal watching in Udaipur+

Royal watching in Udaipur

A city so picturesque and steeped in fables, it intrigues even the most modern-day travellers with its ever-growing charm, patronised by the regal heirs, say Gustasp and Jeroo Irani There is no getti

Church in the foothills+

Church in the foothills

Nainital’s St John’s Church, which has the potential to fascinate tourists, is struggling with its lost legacy, says Mukesh Rawat Vacations and Nainital have an inseparable bond. Ever sin

Raiders of the lost art+

Raiders of the lost art

Petra, the historical and archaeological site, which served as the backdrop of one of Indiana Jones’ conquests, drove SARIKA PANDIT towards an expedition of the ‘lost city’ wherein s

Jodhpur, the royal seat of Sun+

Jodhpur, the royal seat o

The blue city is one of the supreme samples of India’s royal and elegant past. In its narrow lanes, the edifice of a pristine past silently whispers with contemporary time, says Somen Sengupta



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